• My Russian Year

    My Russian Year

    I’m still not really sure why I decided to read Anna Karenina as one of my first books of 2023. Maybe it was because I’ve had the book sitting on my shelves for years but had never managed to read more than a few chapters. Maybe it was because my word for the year is…

  • “In the Cathedral”

    “In the Cathedral”

    I’m trying to do better about sharing my poetry, even though that’s a terrifying thought! This poem is based on a dream I had a few weeks ago.

  • The Bend in the Road

    The Bend in the Road

    I’d be lying if I said the last year had turned me into a gambling thrill-seeker, but what I do know is that the last few years of trusting the Lord have ever so slowly changed the way I approach big life decisions. Time and time again He has proven himself faithful and shown me…

  • Review: Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen

    Review: Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen

    I was first drawn to the book Beautiful People Don’t Just Happen because of its author. Scott Sauls has written several books that I have either read or hope to read—titles like Jesus Outside the Lines, Irresistible Faith, and A Gentle Answer, among others. The premise of Sauls’ latest book is that “The most beautiful…

  • Arizona Revisited

    Arizona Revisited

    I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel going back to the Grand Canyon as an adult, mainly because I know those deep longings for beauty have only grown in my heart over the last twenty-something years. I had been mentally preparing myself that I might be disappointed—maybe I wasn’t remembering it accurately, or maybe…

  • “Bird Feeders”

    “Bird Feeders”

    My dog Jane loves to watch birds—birds in flight, birds on the ground, even airplanes make her stop in her tracks and look up. So back in February I decided to buy a bird feeder to put on the window nearest her crate so that she has some entertainment while I am at work all…

  • Review: Rembrandt is in the Wind

    Review: Rembrandt is in the Wind

    I thought I’d jump back into writing book reviews by sharing one that’s incredibly easy to recommend: Rembrandt is in the Wind by Russ Ramsey. I love books that introduce me to new subjects, and this book could almost serve as a primer for great artists and their lives.