1946 Special Edition of Alice in Wonderland 

A few weeks ago I went to two different library book sales, and by far the greatest deal I found was this special edition of Alice in Wonderland. I paid a whopping $1.50 for this 70 year old find, and it is in excellent condition.

A note in the back of the book says that the original illustrations were kept, but color was added in the style of the period. At the end of the post, I’ve shared some pictures of an even older edition I own, and one of those pictures shows the original black and white version.  I’m excited to add this to my collection of antique books, so I took a few pictures to share with you. Enjoy!


This is the second antique copy of Alice and Wonderland I own, and it’s not the oldest! The pictures below are taken from my other antique copy. I’m not sure when this one was published, but it’s quite a treasure!

 I can’t open it all the way for fear of it falling apart.

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